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NEXT UP - Friday November 17th. We look forward to returning to 'Stocks and Shilling' in Poulton

Cancelled Dates - Unfortunately due to change of management, our 2 forthcoming dates at 'The Swan' in Kirkham have had to be cancelled. 

Review -Bandstand Gig-20th August
We played at the Stanley Park bandstand in Blackpool. Unfortunately it coincided with the world cup final so the early part of the afternoon saw quite low numbers. But as the afternoon went on many more people drifted in and as the weather was fine we ended up with quite a good audience. John started the afternoon off not long after 1pm and was followed by 'Next Of Kin' with NWD rounding off the afternoon. There's a few photos on our facebook page. 

Please visit our 'contact' page for bookings.



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